About the Project

The Erasmus+ funded “EUPlay” project aims to provide novel digital tools for educators, so that they can engage their students in discovering more about the European context and the values that govern Europe’s citizens. It is anticipated that the developed tools will foster the cultural identity and awareness of young people, thereby increasing their participation in EU society.
Our interactive platform provides a space for young Europeans to learn more about the EU
at a time of change and rising tension across Europe.

About the E-Platform

This e-learning platform comprises all the “EUPlay” project’s efforts. It guides the participants/users through all the steps of understanding Education 4.0 and its importance, implementing the right tools for preparing students to meet the needs of future jobs as shaped by Industry 4.0 and educating students about EU-related issues s so that they can develop a more positive attitude towards the EU values and cultural diversity.

The platform consists of the following materials:

Teachers’ Education 4.0 Guide

It aims to prepare the ground for the implementation of the following results.

Digital interactive book

The EUPlay digital interactive book which presents the European Union’s History explaining what EU is.

Treasure Hunt Digital Game

The EUPlay Treasure Hunt Digital Game which helps students discover and engage with Europe’s cultural heritage.

The Partnership

6 partners form all Europe with one goal!

The Partnership

6 partners form all Europe with one goal!